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Attend a menopause retreat, and learn how to feel great again!

Our perimenopausal and post-menopausal years can feel isolating, confusing and downright depressing to so many. But we want to change all that. Our retreats are hosted by women all going through menopause, and who have their own stories to share. Our specialists who attend the retreat to educate and empower, come from disciplines in Diet, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Psychology and Nursing.

We aim to reduce your anxiety during menopause by sensitively showing you how you can start to manage your own health during midlife, and beyond. We see women who when leaving us feel like they can take on the world and win. They find their mojo again, and realise that with some knowledge and motivation, menopause does not need to be a negative experience, it can also be one of learning, inspiration and friendship.

In countries like Japan, women don’t really understand why we experience so many symptoms in the U.K. This has much to do with diet and lifestyle. In japan, they take stress seriously, diets are rich in vitamins and minerals, and high in soy. This shows us that symptoms have more to do with diet and lifestyle more than anything else. You do not need to move to Japan, just come and spend the day with us, learn all you need to know to make a start, and we will then be with you every step of the way afterwards as you will have access to info sheets and pdf’s you can download. You can join us for a lifetime online if you wish, or even experience a professional menopause cookery school!

Everything you need starts right here.

When will menopause be over?

Menopause itself, represents just one day. That is the day after 12- months consecutively, period free, then after that day, we become post-menopausal.

In truth, we are post-menopausal until we die. Our bodies will never return to fertility and reproduction. Nature has a way of making sure nothing goes to waste. Our brains and bodies will eventually adjust, however, we can help this adjustment through diet and lifestyle changes.


Symptoms that can affect your daily life, and what you can do.

We hear from so many women, in their 40’s & 50’s who tell us that they are too young to be menopausal, but in reality perimenopause usually starts in our 40’s & 50’s, and sometimes, even sooner than that!

The earliest case of menopause that  we have heard of in the U.K was aged 17. This is highly unusual. Though surgical menopause after hysterectomy, can throw you straight into menopause, often without any knowledge or support.

Being prepared and learning how to better manage symptoms will ensure life becomes easier, and much less stressful as your body adjusts.

Lets face it, during this time of our lives, we are already going through all kinds of changes, not just hormonal. Kids leaving home, or parents ageing or often bereavement. Maintaining good health has never been so important, especially as so many of us will see 100 years old!

Some of the following symptoms might strike a chord with you. Perhaps you have noticed hair loss recently, or poor vision at night? Maybe itchy armpits, excessive flatulance, facial acne, dry skin, or joint pain. Depression, increased anxiety, brain fog, forgetfulness, night sweats or hot flushes, loss of libido or painful sex. All of these are commonly experienced, but not always after periods stop! There are so many symptoms related to our decrease in oestrogen, and we go through all of them during your day on retreat. We often hear about some new ones too! Because every womans journey and experience is different.

How do we know when we are perimenopausal?

Perimenopause can last up to 10 years, and is the most symptomatic phase. You will still be experiencing periods, though they may start to become irregular, heavy or spotting. We are all different as women.

You  can see there is so much to learn and that is why we pack so much information into our half or full day retreats. Everything we do is dedicated to menopause, and you!

So, why not join us? Bring your bestie or your sister, or come alone.

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Dee Gardner, CEO & Founder explains how a menopause retreat could benefit you, watch the video to learn more about what to expect…But read our reviews on Trustpilot from women who have already attended.

Rowton Castle, Shropshire, a beautiful venue and a glimpse into one of our special retreat days…We try to work with venues that are affordable but that will also make you feel special.


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