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Employees & Employers

We help thousands of employees regain their confidence, and hundreds of companies in the U.K. They save money as absenteeism reduces. Plus, relationships improve within their team.

Therefore, whether you are an employer or an employee, you could benefit from our services that include; physical day retreats, and also online
e-learning subscriptions, or even team building Menopause Cookery Schools, Lunch & Supper Clubs!

Let’s all work together and make a real difference in the workplace. Not only for this current generation, for but all who follow.

Times are changing, join us, and become a change-maker with us!

For women whose Personal Development could be funded by their employer in the U.K.

 You may have a very supportive employer, who is happy to fund your personal development. We can talk to them on your behalf if you like, just get in touch. Employers are under real pressure to recognise menopause in the workplace, and there have been successful tribunals in recent times. We want to help you gain the confidence needed when going through menopause. We will show you how you can better manage at work and at home. 

Did you know?

That by gaining relevant knowledge about midlife and menopause you can massively reduce your symptoms. Making your work and home life more enjoyable.

Investing in your own personal development is commendable. Menopause education has being somewhat of a taboo for the last 2000 years! We teach you how to manage, and feel more in control. Improving your performance at work, and reducing the time you may otherwise have to take off.

We provide a day full of Mindfulness, Yoga, Nutritional guidance and information, food tasting and recipe planning. We also offer a menopause friendly lunch. Nurses provide expert medical guidance and knowledge. We round off the day with our Psychotherapists who cover why good psychology is so important.

We want to make every woman feel great, and motivated to take responsibility for their own health. Supported by women who care.

Education is so important, and we cannot wait for progress within the medical profession, as the NHS is so over stretched.

Complete the form below if you would like to attend a retreat day, trusted by medics. We can even contact your employer for you, to ask for funding. If you cannot wait and need to enroll now, then you could ask your employer to refund you afterward. We know that sometimes these things can take time, and you need this service now!

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For employers who would like to support their employees, improving confidence and reducing sick leave. 

Our retreats can also be bespoke to your company. We can deliver them at your premises if you prefer. Though in our experience, it is more valuable to have employees away from work. Especially while they learn to embrace this personal development. We make this personal development affordable to companies. Half-days are just £49, and full days only £99! Go Platinum and we include many extras, including; FREE return visit, FREE Ticket to LIVE Shows. 

Did you know?

More women take time off during menopausal years than they may have done previously. The old-fashioned taboo needs to be broken, and companies like yours are starting to find ways to overcome this issue. It is so important that at work, you empower women and ensure that they do not lose valuable experience confidence built up over many years. 

Recruiting and training to replace staff, as we all know, costs very much. More than sending them to an informative retreat day like ours. And improving health through knowledge will bring rewards like reduction in absenteeism. Also better performance at work. Therefore improved relations with colleagues.

Women feel embarrassed and isolated when experiencing symptoms. Some experience Brain fog, hot flushes, excess sweating, tiredness, joint pain and more. This is a natural life phase, however, education has been very limited. Many GP’s don’t even have the right amount of knowledge to help women. This is where we come in. Our educational services, are trusted by medics. We deliver them either physically at retreats, or online through our comprehensive e-learning program. This educates women, which then, in-turn, helps them feel more confident.

Reducing symptoms and improving productivity in the workplace is so important. You will not just be showing that you care about the welfare of your employee, but you could also be saving yourself the loss of revenue, costs of recruiting, as well as limiting your risk of a tribunal. 

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Discover E-Learning

Another service we offer is our incredible professional online programme through Menopause Academy. Employees who would prefer to learn in their own time, from the comfort of their own home can benefit from everything we offer at our physical retreats, with extra content.

Team Building Cookery Schools

As part of our Group of companies, we present Menopause Chef. This foodie educational resource focuses on teaching women (and men) how to use food as first line medicine when it comes to treating symptoms of menopause. And openly discusses topics surrounding diet & nutrition during this life phase.

Corporate Vouchers

Buy your vouchers today for your team. 12-month expiry. From £49 Half-Day, £99 Full Day, £199 Platinum Extra Package with Lifetime membership